Adult Bible Studies

At Immanuel, we encourage all believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. We have several Bible study groups that meet regularly as well as some on-demand relational studies. If you'd like to join a group, please fill out the form below to let us know!

Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group

Tuesdays 9:00AM @Meeting Room

Led by the pastor, this group meets during the school year. The current topic is Habakkuk. The book of Habakkuk offers us a picture of a prideful people being humbled, while the righteous live by faith in God. It reminds us that while God may seem silent and uninvolved in our world, He always has a plan to deal with evil and always works out justice eventually. The example of the prophet Habakkuk encourages believers to wait on the Lord, expecting that He will indeed work out all things for our good.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Group

Sundays 9:30AM @Meeting Room

Led by Bob Schmidt or Elvin Harms, this group meets during the Sunday morning education hour during the school year. The current topic is 'An Outsiders View of Lutheranism'. A 6-week video based series. How better to do a look at our own church body than via a non-Lutheran visiting one of our churches and engaging in probing conversation.

Saturday Men's Bible Study Group

Saturdays 8:00AM @Fellowship Hall

Led by Elvin Harms, this group meets during the school year. The current topic is Strong Men of the Bible. A 6-week series. What is Integrity? How does God’s Word define it? Delve into these questions and study the lives of six men who, although human, came to be role models of integrity with God’s molding. Whether an ‘everyman’ like Jacob or a man of supernatural strength like Samson, the Bible tells the story of many men used especially by God. This Bible study will use Scripture lessons and stories to teach about themes like obedience, equality, humility, fear, suffering, and more.

Wednesday Women's Bible Study Group

Wednesdays 9:00AM @Fellowship Hall

Led by Laura Klein, this group meets regularly during the school year. The current topic is Paul's letter to the Ephesians. A 12-session study. Paul's letter celebrates the beauty of the church and gives us wonderful examples and overviews of a Christian life. Paul shows us how to walk worthy of Christ as we live our life for God. His focus on the beauty of the church reminds us that through salvation we become a part of God's family: a place where we can experience true belonging.

Wednesday Evening Women's Bible Study Group

Wednesdays 6:30PM @Library

Led by Erica Ciro, this group meets regularly during the school year. The current topic is 1 & 2 Peter. A 12-session study. Has your peace been stolen? Dreams crushed? Hope lost? Life has a way of not turning out the way we want. The disciple Peter knew what it was like to go through tough times. He endured threats, punishment, time in jail, beatings, and false words. He had seen enough to know how to stay strong in tough times. So he wrote a manual to show how we should act and respond when life isn’t fair. Peter’s counsel may surprise you. But it may be just what you need to sustain you when you find that you are between a rock and a hard place.

We also offer a series of Relational Studies on an on-demand basis:

#1 Going Deep

This is the 8-week beginning course for Immanuel's relationship series. Move more deeply into your relationship with God. Based on Blackaby's Experiencing God, you will learn to observe God-sightings, see your current life from a new lens, and develop relational skills toward transformation. 

#2 Immanuel Journaling

Prerequisite: must have completed the Going Deep: The Divine Adventure study. Level 2 of the relational studies. Continue to move more deeply into your relationship with God. In this 12-week study based on Joyful Journey you will explore thought-rhyming with God as discussed in Ephesians 2:10 and how to access this skill as well as an introduction to some of the ways God has created our brains for relationship.

Immanuel Lifestyle

For those who have completed the Going Deep class: Want to move toward an interactive relationship with God? Learn how to live a God-with-me life? Come find out in this 10-week class! Learn how to deepen gratitude experiences that kickstart the relational areas in your brain. Draw nearer to the Lord and identify blocks that hinder your relationship with Him. Learn a new visual style prayer form. 

Going Deep Huddle #1

This 6-week small group experience is for those who have taken either relational course and would like to review the 7 realities as illustrated in the Bible and our lives now.

Going Deep Huddle Cont...

A similar format to Huddle #1 above, but with new Biblical events and life questions. This 6-week small group is for those who have taken either relational course, but especially for those who have already taken the Huddle #1 class.


Mindfulness is being aware of our thoughts. In this study learn to to be more mindfully aware in your everyday Life. Explore what that means for you in your walk with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There are no prerequisites; come as you are.

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Oct 1 Sunday Adult Forum Bible Study Group

9:30 AM-10:30 AM
Meeting Room

Oct 3 Tuesday Morning Bible Study

9:00 AM-10:30 AM
The Meeting Room

Oct 4 Wednesday Women's Bible Study

9:00 AM-10:30 AM
Fellowship Hall

Oct 4 Wednesday Evening Women's Bible Study

6:30 PM-8:00 PM

Oct 7 Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study

8:00 AM-9:30 AM
Fellowship Hall