The Immanuel Lutheran Church and School Foundation

is an organization that provides you with the opportunity to donate money to the church and school to make a lasting impact on ministries for generations to come. We especially encourage giving in the instances when you have received large inherited or unexpected gifts; and as a part of our your estate planning, leaving gifts to the church and school after you pass on. The ILCS Foundation is a non-profit organization that is legally independent from Immanuel Lutheran Church and School. We are organized this way for the protection of our assets. Per our investment policy, Foundation donations are invested in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds and bonds managed by the LCMS Foundation. The earnings from these investment are used to fund Immanuel ministries upon request. 

To discuss how to donate you can get in contact with us by calling the church office at 630.879.7163 or by emailing us at

´╗┐If you're wanting to request funding for your ministry go to our Foundation Support page.

Our Mission

Is to use the generous gifts of our donors to inspire, support, and grow the ministries of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School.


We invest the gifts that are donated and use the earnings from these investments to support Immanuel Lutheran Church & School. With your donation, the ILCS Foundation can help fund ministries including youth mission trips, family and children's ministries, school financial aid, and outreach into the community.


When God blesses us with inherited, unexpected, or large gifts, He Wants us to use these gifts for the good of His kingdom. Often times, tax benefits can make those gifts go further. Giving through ILCS Foundation is a wise investment of His gifts that can increase opportunities for spreading Gods Word. Using outside financial experts, our goal is to produce dividends and gains that can be used for ministry. Our aim is to use 5% of the balance each year, leaving potential for growth so your gifts can support ministries for decades to come.


When you pass away and go to your eternal home with Jesus, you will leave behind your earthly possessions. The ILCS Foundation gives you the opportunity to use the possessions that God has blessed you with to make a positive and lasting impact on the generations after you.