New Here?

Are you thinking about visiting Immanuel, but wondering what to expect? We'll try to address all your concerns here, or contact us any time with additional questions.

What are your traditional worship services like?

Our traditional services follow a classical liturgical structure. If you grew up going to a Missouri or Wisconsin-synod Lutheran church, you'll find this type of worship very familiar. Meeting in the Sanctuary, we generally start the service by ringing the church bells and greeting each other, we'll sing an opening hymn, and then we follow a liturgical structure that includes an invocation, salutation, and confession & absolution. We include congregation prayers, readings from the Old Testament and New Testament, and a Holy Gospel lesson. One of our pastors provides an original sermon each weekend, which is often based on one of the Bible readings; the sermon is usually preceded by a children’s message where young worshippers are asked to sit at the foot of the alter for a special teaching. We always end these services with a benediction from the pastor and closing hymn, followed by our words of dismissal to the community.  Our bulletins are posted online here if you'd like to see the service structure in more detail.

I see that there are 3 traditional services. Are they all the same?

They are generally the same in structure with a few typical differences:

  • Saturday 5:30 PM is a little more casual and it usually consists of a smaller group of people. This is typically a more traditional style of worship that is very similar to Sunday morning services, though one of our school choirs periodically sings at the Saturday night services.
  • Sunday 8:00 AM is typically our highest attended and is slightly more formal. This is a traditional service that typically features organ music and songs from the hymnal; one of our church choirs also periodically performs at this service.
  • Sunday 9:30 AM is another traditional service option that usually has less attendance since the timing coincides with adult Bible studies. Hymn singing is usually congregation led, with the occasional choir performance.  This service runs concurrent to Sunday school during the school year.

What is your contemporary  worship service like?

We've worked very hard to provide a professional contemporary worship environment. This service was revitalized early in 2022 based on best practices learned from other larger contemporary churches. The music is arranged by our professional Worship Arts Director whose sole focus is contemporary worship. Though located in the gym, this space was built with quality acoustics in mind, and our new speaker system produces beautiful sound from our professional musicians. The service is light on liturgy, though our pastors still lead us in confession & absolution, prayers, and scripture reading. The pastor's message and children's message are the same at all services. Visit our contemporary worship page to see videos of our worship songs.

What should I wear to church?

You are always welcome to come as you are and wear whatever you want to any service or event. Most of our traditional service attendees tend to dress up a little nicer, from casual dress pants or nice jeans with dress shirts to full suits and dresses. Our contemporary service attendees usually dress on the more casual side in jeans and t-shirts to casual dress pants with dress shirts, sometimes casual dresses. Though in the summer months shorts and flip flops can be found in most services. We invite you to come in whatever attire makes you feel most comfortable to worship!

I have small children. What is available for them during worship?

There are activity bags with coloring books/stickers/books available for children to use during traditional worship services in the sanctuary; generally kids sit with their parents/grandparents in this service. At the contemporary service in the gym there are coloring pages and small toys available in the bins by the entryway for children to use; again kids usually will sit with their parents/grandparents during the majority of this service, but there's free space to move around when needed. A staffed nursery is available during the school year during all Sunday services for kids younger than preschool age; and Sunday school is available for kids kindergarten through 6th grade during 9:30 traditional worship.