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Adult Bible Studies

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At Immanuel, we encourage all believers to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

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Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group. Tuesdays 9:00 AM @ Fellowship Hall. Led by Pastor Eric, this group meets year-round. The current topic is The Greatest Story: Bible Introduction. Engage. Surprise. Transform. This 16-session overview of Genesis through Revelation introduces the key people, places, and events of scripture in an easy-to-understand story. Participants are invited to explore where they fit in the greatest story and how the greatest story fits in their lives. Each session is visually depicted through captivating session videos featuring the sand art of renowned artist Joe Castillo.

Thursday Evening Bible Study Group. Thursdays 6:30 PM @ Library. Led by Pastor Chris. The group is currently studying the books of 1 John through 3 John - John writes these 3 letters to instruct and motivate us in sanctification and love.

Hard Questions Bible Study Group. Fridays 6:30 PM @ Library. Led by Pastor Chris, this group meets year-round. Feel free to join in anytime and bring your questions! What does the Bible say about the Hard Questions of life: Heaven and Hell, Government, Divorce, Justice and Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Strange Bible Characters, Theological debates? What questions do you want to explore? Let’s seek God’s answers!

Sunday Bible Studies

Adult Forum Bible Study. Sundays 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM @ Library & via Zoom. Led by Bob Schmidt, this group meets during the Sunday morning education hour. They are now doing a study on the Holy Spirit! The general public recognizes the name, person, and work of Jesus Christ; but what do those outside the church know about the 3rd person of the Trinity? What do people inside the church know about this Holy Spirit? We will explore several topics including Who the Holy Spirit is, What His role is, and How He carries out His work. If you have any questions or are interested in attending virtually, please email Bob Schmidt at or Elvin Harms at

2 Timothy Bible Study. Sundays 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM @ Sanctuary. Led by Pastor Chris, this group is now studying the book of 2 Timothy: Paul wrote this letter as he awaited execution. Despite all that Paul was facing - death, the end of his ministry, abandonment by most of his friends for fear of persecution - he faithfully directs his spiritual son, Timothy, to the hope that is in Christ.

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Men's Bible Study Groups

20 Something Men’s Study Group. Wednesdays 4:00 PM @ Student Ministry Room. Led by Pastor Chris, this class meets year round. This class helps young men grow in Jesus Christ and be prepared. It will answer many questions that guys have today. What does it mean to be a “man of God”. What are the challenges for today’s men? What does God say about…?

Saturday Men’s Bible Study Group. Saturdays 8:00 AM @ Fellowship Hall. Led by Pastor Chris, this group meets year-round.

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Women's Bible Study Groups

Wednesday Women's Bible Study (WWBS). Wednesdays 9:00 AM @ Fellowship Hall. This group meets regularly during the school year. The upcoming topic starting January 5th is the book of Romans: The Warren Wiersbe Bible Study series. No book of the Bible more clearly illuminates the path of the Christian life than the book of Romans. Paul's power-packed letter stands as a treatise on our faith-tackling important topics of immense importance such as sin, justification, sanctification, and more. Take eight weeks to find out how the book of Romans can help you be right with God, yourself, and others. Trust beloved Bible teacher, Warren Wiersbe, to lead you or your small group on a chapter-by-chapter study that's both penetrating in its analysis and easy to understand. With select excerpts from his best-selling Be Right commentary on Romans and new, life-application questions, you and your small group can embark on a faith-deepening study on the doctrine and theology underpinning everything Christians hold dear. Contact Laura Klein with questions

Working Women's Bible Study. Wednesdays, Jan 26-May 25, 7:00-8:30 PM @Student Ministry Room. All women are invited to join this Bible Study group that meets every other Wednesday in the evening. The class will be led by Erica Ciro. More information on the topic coming soon! Contact Erica with questions or to join the group

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Relational Bible Studies

#1 Going Deep: The Divine Adventure. Move more deeply into your relationship with God. Led by Mark Carroll and based on Blackaby's Experiencing God, we will learn to observe God-sightings, see your current life from a new lens, and develop relational skills toward transformation. 

#2 Immanuel Journaling. Prerequisite: must have completed the Going Deep: The Divine Adventure study. Level 2 of the relational studies. Continue to move more deeply into your relationship with God. In this 12-week study based on Joyful Journey you will explore thought-rhyming with God as discussed in Ephesians 2:10 and how to access this skill as well as an introduction to some of the ways God has created our brains for relationship. Led by Julaine Kammrath. 

Going Deep/Experiencing God Huddle #1. This 6-week small group experience is for those who have taken either relational course and would like to review the 7 realities as illustrated in the Bible and our lives now. Wednesdays beginning Jan 5, 7:00 - 8:30 PM.

Going Deep/Experiencing God Huddle Continued. A similar format to Huddle #1 above, but with new Biblical events and life questions. This 6-week small group is for those who have taken either relational course, but especially for those who have already taken the Huddle #1 class. Tuesdays beginning Jan 4, 8:30 - 10:00 AM.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of our thoughts. In this study learn to to be more mindfully aware in your everyday Life. Explore what that means for you in your walk with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. There are no prerequisites; come as you are. Call or text Amy Glinke at 630.842.8732 or email with questions. 

Immanuel Lifestyle. How do I live a with-God life since I have many obligations that grab my attention? This class will give you content and skills to pray visually. You will learn the technique of "3 boxes" which gives new insight to gospel events. Julaine Kammrath will share some of the new brain science that demonstrates God literally created you for relating to others. 

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Contact Pastor Chris with questions:

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