You are invited into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.


A relationship with God is about spending time with Him. He loves you as an individual. He wants to be authentically known by you--and for you to be authentically yourself in His presence. Immanuel is about encouraging you in your ever-deepening relationship with Him. This pathway is vibrant and enduring. The more you learn about God, the more you obey Him. The more you receive His grace, the more you encounter His forgiveness. The deeper your understanding, the deeper your love. The more expansive your heart, the more extensive your obedience. The path to this relationship includes classes that teach you how to have a relationship with Jesus and small groups that provide the time and space to process what you’ve learned, and put it into practice with others who are sharpening the same skills. You will grow through fellowship into lasting, supportive friendships.


You will never reach the end of your relationship with God--it's meant to continue. Immanuel is here to help.



We are currently offering online and in-person worship services.


Immanuel Lutheran Church and School

950 Hart Road, Batavia

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