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Reopening Plans and Precautions

Reopening Plans and Precautions

Visit the Illinois Department of Public Health at



Outdoor worship will take place on the second and fourth Sundays of the month until Aug. 15-16, when we plan to return to worship with our building. Bring your own chairs! Parking attendants will direct traffic. We will continue to provide the online service for those who prefer to stay at home. These services are available every Sunday morning at 8 AM at


In compliance with state mandate and to ensure a safe experience for everyone, we ask that you:

  • Please wear a face mask unless you choose to stay in your vehicle
  • Please remain in or near your vehicle
  • Please enter and return through the doors to the Fellowship Hall if use of the restroom is needed.
  • Please take your worship bulletin home with you after the service.


We will offer Holy Communion in the sanctuary first, third, and fifth Sundays, 11 AM-1 PM. Families should park and come to the sanctuary entrance. A worship assistant will admit one family at a time.


Please address questions or concerns to the church office at 630 879 7163 or Reminder: summer office hours are M-F, 8-Noon.