Sermon Series - Red Letter Challenge

Red Letter Challenge

Through Mar. 28


Developed by Zach Zehnder, the Red Letter Challenge is designed to help you develop the rhythm of a follower of Jesus—being both a hearer and a doer or what God says. Christians can have good intentions, but intentions without precise aim at Jesus always lead to unintended consequences. Our sermon series on Sundays during Lent will focus on the following principles of the Red Letter Challenge.


Sun., Feb. 21 - Introduction

Sun., Feb. 28 - Being Everything flows out of who you are and who you become when you spend time with God.

Sun., Mar. 7 - Forgiving Everyone is in desperate need of God’s grace, receiving God’s forgiveness and learning how to forgive others.

Sun., Mar. 14 - Serving Gratitude for what God has done leads you to serve Him. While serving others won’t save you, it just might save someone else.

Sun., Mar. 21 - Giving Learn that Jesus challenges you to be generous. Just as you serve as a response to God, you give because God gave to you.

Sun., Mar. 28 - Going Jesus offers a way of life filled with adventure, mission, and purpose; and He’ll be there right beside you.


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