Membership in God’s family involves more than passive association. When a person becomes a child of God by the gift of faith, he or she is given other special gifts, spiritual gifts, to be used as a part of the Church of God. These gifts are to be used by those in God’s family to accomplish His will for their lives and His work in the world. Each person needs to Discover, Develop, and Deploy their spiritual gifts in order for the Body of Christ to become all it was intended to be.

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God is a Gift Giver

Key Scripture        Eph 4:1-16

God gives special gifts to His children to be used to help them accomplish His plans and the good works He has prepared for them. Each gift is unique because it is not given in equal measure, but according to what is needed to be added to the mix of our skills and passions to make us exactly who God intends us to be. When these gifts are used for the benefit of others, the children of God find joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Passion and Skill Self-Reflection


Discovering Your Gifts

Key Scriptures Rom. 12:6-8, 1 Peter 4:9

To truly understand God’s will and plan for our lives, we need to know how He has made us and what special gifts He has given us. The Bible is filled with lists of the gifts that God has scattered among His people. By discovering our unique mix of gifts, skills and passions, we can live fully into the life for which God created us.

Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Online Spiritual Gifts Survey


Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

Key Scriptures Eph 4:11-16

As stewards of the gifts of God, we are expected to be working to grow in and through the gifts He has given each of us. Developing our spiritual gifts leads to maturity, and as we all become mature, it leads to unity (each of us knowing our role and valuing that of others). We need to have spiritual gift growth plans and seek to grow in it daily.


Deploying Your Spiritual Gifts

Key Scriptures Matt. 25:14-30

It is not enough to know what our spiritual gifts are and spend time learning about them, we have to put them to work in the Kingdom of God! We need to have plans for how and where God is calling us to use your gifts. It does not matter if they seem great or small to us, the main thing is to start using our gifts to the benefit of others and let God move us where He wants to deploy our gifts in the future.

Using My Gifts booklet

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