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The Word of God is at the foundation of all we do. We welcome and equip people to follow Christ and live authentic faith. 

We are a family that demonstrates our faith in Christ by the way we love, support, and teach one another.

DevelopingToday's Disciples



In worship we gather in the presence of God celebrating His love. Worship at Immanuel energizes and informs our whole week, as the Word of God is practically taught and we are encouraged to strive forward in faith throughout our lives.



Immanuel's goal is for every person to have a firm knowledge of what the Bible says about who God is and what He says about life and faith.  



Small groups at Immanuel are all about building community and sharing life together. Through opportunities to serve in many roles we find joy in being a blessing to others and discover and develop the wonderful gifts that God has given each of us.



The mission of Immanuel is to equip Jesus’ disciples to engage the world through faith. The church is not a place where the people of God gather apart from the world. The church is the people of God engaged in the world!