07.28.22 Annual Garage Sale | Immanuel Lutheran Church

August 29, 2022 Immanuel Lutheran Church

07.28.22 Annual Garage Sale

Well, 2022 Immanuel Annual garage sale is complete! We collected, sorted, displayed, priced wonderful donations from Immanuel and our community!  We then welcomed 100’s of wonderful people through Immanuel’s doors on Thursday and then Friday and again on Saturday! The line on Thursday to get into the sale went through the parking lot down to the pond.  All parking spots were taken!  People stood in line for quite a while (something we will do better next year with more volunteers) to check out.  We pray that those that walked through our doors left better because they visited us and saw lots of smiles and experienced kindness (as well as good deals!)  It was again a record year – clearing over $24,000! This event would not be possible without Immanuel church and school’s facility - from all the floor space to every available non-nailed down table; our faithful - year after year - volunteers; and community volunteers who give up their time for a great cause in serving others. This author KNOWS those that volunteer would agree that we are better for participating! We are also blessed to have partnered with Batavia schools who lend us tables as well as sharing with Chip In the newly acquired clothing racks (hope you like the hanging clothes). We had many new volunteers this year - including a special Godwink person that just showed up because she knew we could use some help...thank you Katie from Sugar Grove as well as other community volunteers that just know more hands would make things run smoother.  More connections to our community …freshman football team and their coach Mike Theriault who saved our backs during clean-up for 2 hours (which led to record clean up time)! Those 14 young men just showed up to help us out move boxes and put tables away!  Finally, our leftover treasures will bless many other organizations - Children’s Cancer Federation, Batavia Clothes Closet, Epilepsy Foundation, Rover Rescue, Batavia Friends of the Library, Chip In, My Daughter’s Dress and more! Thank you to everyone for volunteering!!!!  Mark your calendars…July 20-22, 2023.   We need you to help us out with the sale!   So..maybe a few stories to share – golf balls are for hockey practice too; great deal on ties when you wash your friend’s by accident; all grandmas need a spare high chair; we’ve got all the sports covered – even Packer fans; ‘thank you for having this sale as our church no longer has one since no one volunteers’ (heard that 4 times); ‘YES,  I got both beige and blue chairs’; 2 teenagers who came all 3 days and bought cook books every day; friendly neighbor who comes every year – proud of his 5 visits; wife excited to get her husband the new St. Patrick’s Day suitcoat; happy customers to get the rubber raft to go with their kayaks.    It’s now officially a wrap!  Thank you to our volunteers and customers. Cindy Rueffer and Chris Graham ~2022 Immanuel Garage sale co-chairs AND all our volunteers