Promise Keeper 5 | Immanuel Lutheran Church

November 19, 2021 Daily Inspiration

Promise Keeper 5

Promise Keeper 5

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 


Thought for Today

Have you ever lost your keys and had to look everywhere for them? You checked six times in places you already looked. Just when you were sure they were lost forever, you found them in the most unexpected place. Today we have another amazing truth about God’s radical love: He wants to be found. Most people throughout human history thought that God was either too far away, or too hidden to be found. God tells us that this is not the case. The search will not be easy. It will take time and effort. It is a lifelong search, but one that is worth it. For when you find God it will change everything: how you see yourself, your world, and your place in time and eternity. Once you find Him you will start a new search for even more of Him. Let the search begin!



Lord God, give me the patience and determination to seek You with my whole heart every day, starting today. When I lose focus send Your Spirit to renew my vision. For I know the more of You I discover the more full my life will be. Amen.


Devotional Quote

Always, everywhere God is present, and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one― A.W. Tozer


Quote of the Day

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. –Vincent van Gogh