Jun 2021 Youth Mission Trip | Immanuel Lutheran Church

October 28, 2021 Kristi Farnum

Jun 2021 Youth Mission Trip

Jun 2021 Youth Mission Trip

by Matt Cassidy

For me, the mission trip meant seeing God at work on a continual basis. It sounds simplistic and obvious, but I believe that is at the heart of all of it. Meeting the residents whom we were helping, building relationships among the other churches who attended and seeing the growth in our youth who participated was all

God’s work. Nearly 80% of the residents of Rosebud live at or below the poverty line. It is a far cry from Batavia and I truly believe what we saw helped put much of our daily stresses in perspective. There is much need everywhere, even in our own backyard. But there was something very special about serving in Mission,

S.D. Maybe it’s the history and how the Lakota Sioux ended up in South Dakota or the role of family in their culture. They are very proud of their heritage and were grateful for our help. I personally was grateful for the opportunity to serve and am very excited for my next trip up there.