Jun 2021 Vacation Bible School | Immanuel Lutheran Church

October 28, 2021 Immanuel Lutheran Church

Jun 2021 Vacation Bible School

Jun 2021 Vacation Bible School

by Mary Wert

There are so many things that I love about Immanuel’s Vacation Bible School. One

might call it my Immanuel’s Vacation Bible School Top Ten List! I love our volunteers--awesome volunteers that take off work, that give up their free time to come and help, and that donate items. 2. I love the decor! Whether it be a jungle, a beach, safari--It gets us in the mood for our week of fun! 3. I love the skits! They are so goofy and funny and they pave the way for the Bible Event along with the animal characters of the day and Bible Points. 4. I love the Bible Events! This is the time where the story from the Bible comes to life! The kids are engaged to hear God’s Word! 5. I love the crafts/imagination station where the kids’ imaginations can go wild! 6. I love the music! To see kids dancing and singing about Jesus brings chills up my spine. 7. I love the team work! Everyone pitches in to help with this ministry from sound to nametags to registration and then some. 8. I love the Family Worship Celebration where families come and worship together. 9. I love the kids! The building is full of kids and adults. It is an intergenerational week full of laughter and fun. Relationships are formed. Friends are made. Last, but not least...10. I love Jesus. Jesus is present. Relationships are formed. Growing in Jesus is the best part of all. For some it is a first. For others it is a boost. And still for

others it is a comfort. I can’t wait for the Summer of 2022!