Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Immanuel offers several opportunities throughout the week to dig deeper into the Bible.

Every believer is encouraged to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

For more information about Bible studies and small groups, please contact Pr. Chris at


Please note that all participants in in-person classes will follow Immanuel's Covid Protocols as outlined here.


Traditional Bible Studies

  • Sunday Forum, 9:15 AM, via Zoom or Fellowship Hall

Led by Elvin Harms and Bob Schmidt. This class will walk through One Nation Under God: Healing Racial Divide, a Bible study written by our brother in Christ and friend of Immanuel, Pr. Keith Haney. 


  • Discovering Immanuel, TBD

Led by Pr. Eric Kennaugh.

Covers information necessary to become an engaged participant and is essential for those interested in membership. Meet active members to answer questions and make connections, and ministry leaders to learn about opportunities. Additional information is available here. Registration is required.


  • Student Ministry Leader Study, Tue., 6:30 PM, Rm 254

If interested, please contact Pr. Chris at 630 879 7163 or


  • Women’s Bible Study, Weds., 9-10:30 AM, Fellowship Hall

Led by Laura Klein. 

Apr. 7-May 26

The book of Acts is a story of power--of God's people empowered by the Holy Spirit. The basic spiritual principles found there are the same today. This study explores the power of God's Spirit and how that power can impact our lives today. 


  • Thu. PM Bible Study, 6 PM, Multi Purpose Room

Led by Pr. Chris Davis.

This class hits topics and books of Bible. We are studying the book of Galatians right know and will be discussing some modern day issues over the summer. What does the world teach that is in conflict with the bible? What answers do we have when questioned and attacked or our biblical Christianity? What is God’s call to us in this new world?


  • 20 Something Men's Study, 8 PM, Multi Purpose Room

Led by Pr. Chris Davis

This class is helping young men grow in Jesus Christ and be prepared. It will answer many questions that guys have today. What does it mean to be a “man of God”. What are the challenges for today’s men? What does God say about…?


  • Fri. PM Hard Questions, 6:30 PM, Multi Purpose Room

Led by Pr. Chris Davis.

What does the Bible say about the Hard Questions of life: Heaven and Hell, Government, Divorce, Justice and Forgiveness, Holy Spirit, Strange Bible Characters, Theological debates? What questions do you want to explore? Let’s seek God’s answers! 


  • Sat. Men's Bible Study, 8 AM, Fellowship Hall

Led by Pr. Eric Kennaugh

This group is finishing its study of the Gospels and embarking on the Red Letter Challenge.


Relational Studies

  • Experiencing God

Led by Tim Rueter and Mark Carroll.

A twelve week class that helps participants learn to notice what God is doing around them. This is the foundation class for all relational studies. Register here.


  • Forming

Led by Julaine Kammrath.

A twelve week class that leads participants to know themselves more deeply, as well as use a biblical technique called Lectio Divina. Prerequisite: Experiencing God. Register here.


  • Belonging

Led by Julaine Kammrath.

A twelve week class that gets into learning to attune, as well as the work in us that only God can do versus the maturity skills we do ourselves. Prerequisite: Forming. Register here.