The word "Partnership" will be popping up a lot in the new ministry year 

as folks at Immanuel focus on working together in Developing Today's Disciples;

beginning with ways members can use partnership to enhance their stewardship!


Time, Talent, and Treasure Commitment for 2018 2019

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April 7-May 6, congregation members are asked to consider Partnership Possibilities with Immanuel: by sharing their time, their talents, and yes, their treasure. Current discipleship partners share Stories of Discipleship about how giving back to God the time and talent they've been provided has meant to their lives. Pastors Kennaugh, Davis, and Haney will speak about how God intends His people to partner with Him in caring for the gifts He gives and, responding to His grace in Jesus Christ, provide for the ministries of His church on earth. 


May 5-6 has been designated as Consecration Weekend. As part of the worship service members will be given an opportunity to take a step forward in their stewardship response to God’s grace. As always, commitments are confidential and will be handled in such a way that will not call attention to those who are unable to make a commitment or who choose not to make one at this time.


In celebration of these commitments, the congregation is invited to a special Consecration Celebration on May 6. The celebration and the ministry displays will provide opportunities for the body of Christ at Immanuel to fellowship and celebrate the blessings God provides, commemorate their commitments, and make additional ones, if so moved; as good and faithful stewards of these blessings.


Those who have not made reservations by May 1 will be contacted, because it is so important that all of members are present for this time of growth and celebration, whether or not they are able to make a commitment at this time. After the celebration, follow up calls will be made to anyone unable to attend either worship or celebration on May 6 to give them the opportunity to make a commitment to God’s grace.